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July 16, 2014

Looking to capture the beautiful fall ambiance without the use of bright orange pumpkins? Here are just a few great tips that will transform your wedding from ordinary to très chic.

Consider rich opulent fall color schemes that will capture your vision of the perfect fall wedding. Here are just a few color palettes to keep in mind when considering bridesmaid dresses, linens, flowers and so on:

• Chocolate
• Bronze, Gold’s, Copper
• Deep Crimson, Burgundy, Purples, Reds & Greens
• Pewter & Silver’s

When it comes to centerpieces rather than focusing on matching colors opt for playing with different textures. Use natural elements and textures that will really highlight the spirit of autumn. Consider combining natural fragrances such as sage, basil, Scabiosa, rosemary and white majolica into your centerpieces. Natural elements such as bare branches create a beautiful fall effect and allow you to add embellishments such as romantic candles, crystals and an array of blooms.

The Acqualina Wedding Team loves rustic-luxe, which is one of the “themes of the moment” and the contrast of hanging chandeliers from trees with antique furnishings underneath. One of our favorite features is the stunning custom made floral chandeliers which create gorgeous focal points for any Acqualina reception tent.

When it comes to dining why not give your guest a taste of the season which will surely put them in the mood. Consider delectable delicacies such as butternut squash soup, pumpkin ravioli, autumn vegetables, etc. On a sweeter note consider seasonal favorites such as poached pears, panna cotta served with wild berries, apple turn overs and much more. Nothing says fall like an apple cider specialty cocktail – try a Cranberry-Spiced Cocktail, English Harvest of even a Gingered Apple Sparkler topped with mint and served in Mason Jars.

Here is a specialty cocktail recipe from our team at The Bar at AQ by Acqualina:

Pumpkin Spiced Martini

• ½ Oz Vanilla Vodka
• ½ Oz Butter Schnapps
• Dash of Milk
• 1 Oz Pumpkin Spice Liquor
• ½ Oz Kahlua
• Gram Crackers – Crushed
• Cinnamon Stick

1. Combine all the ingredients and shake well over ice.
2. Crush the graham crackers in a blender to a fine dust. Take a chilled martini glass and dip the rim with butterscotch then dust with graham crackers. Strain the beverage into the chilled martini glass, garnish with a cinnamon stick & cheers!

Courtesy of Xquisite Events

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Find Inspiration for your Dream Wedding

June 11, 2014

Our wedding expert, Teresa Blumberg presented Acqualina at Engage14 Bachelor Gulch, the Luxury Wedding Business Summit on Beaver Creek Mountain, Colorado. Get inspired with our Top 5 Engage14 ideas:

Designer Linens: Perfection is in planning so personalize every exquisite detail to your taste. Pablo Oliveira, famously known for his impeccable linen designs is part of Acqualina’s Wedding “Dream Team”.  His line of extravagant fabrics, vibrant colors and fashionable prints reflect the latest and freshest trends in design. Whether you are seeking classic elegance or an innovative twist on luxury, Oliveira has an exclusively unique collection that captivates the tiniest of details.

A Taste of Luxury: Catering is central to your wedding experience, but how about opting for a more contemporary and less traditional buffet display. Get creative and showcase your catering selection with attractive displays and centerpieces that will add height and dimension making it a feast for the eyes.

Floral Elements: Bring a little bloom into your wedding by selecting stunning floral arrangements that will set the tone and backdrop for your special day. Here are just few ideas to get you inspired.

 Setting the Mood: Often overlooked, lighting is essential to creating the perfect atmosphere. When done correctly it has the ability to transform your venue from ordinary to spectacular. Highlight and enhance key elements of your décor with soft lighting and consider the added visuals it will provide in photographs.

Extravagant Cakes: Sylvia Weinstock is what many call the Leonardo da Vinci of cakes. Although she may be 84 years young, this world famous cake designer from New York is known for creating the most extravagant yet delicious masterpieces. 

For more inspiration visit our wedding blog at 

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Bridal Checklist for Bridesmaids or Maid/Matron of Honor

June 04, 2014

An Important Checklist for the In-Charge Bridesmaids or Maid/Matron of Honor:
Always keep these essential items in a small bag close by to deal with any emergencies (or almost any!)

1-Makeup – keep some makeup handy for any touch-ups during the long day
2-Small Mirror – some wedding venues might not have a mirror handy
3-Straws – very useful for the bride to drink without messing up her lipstick
4-Blotting Sheets – to keep bride/groom/bridesmaids picture perfect all day long
5-Mints/Breathe Spray – to keep the bride … and groom happy
6-Deodrant – a long day of photos and dancing could create a need for this
7-Dental Floss – a great addition if there is a meat dish being served during the celebration
8-Nail Polish – same color as the bride is wearing
9-Eye Drops – anti redness to dance the night away
10-Bobby Pins – make sure you have plenty of these if the bride has an up-do!
11-Tissues – essential for happy tears
12-Water – make sure the bride stays hydrated as she will be too busy to remember
13-Band Aids and Flat Shoes – make sure they match the brides dress
14- Calmness & Good Energy – this is a long day and if you are prepared everything will run smoothly and most importantly remember to have lots of fun

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Got Engaged!

May 16, 2014

This is the time to start envision how you would like your wedding to be.

You start to think about the location, color story, dress, entertainment, venue, etc.  Every bride wants to be unique and have that special touch that makes her wedding distinctive on its own. CeciStyle Magazine has tons of tips and ideas from the wedding industry experts that will definitely inspire and guide you to have a unique and unforgettable wedding celebration. Check out the “Expert Style Tips” on the CeciStyle Magazine.

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February 28, 2014

Brides looking to add some sparkle and sequins without spending too much on a linen should check out the new trend appearing on Pinterest which highlights a basic linen topped with a gold glitter table runner to add some pizazz!!

For the junior guests

February 28, 2014

As you know you might well have a few family or friends with children – What to do? A really good idea would be to hire a full-service day care service who provides all the on-site needs, but the children attending can still have their own fun. Kids can eat, play and sleep with all the supervision required which means no cost to the attending parents – A Real Treat for your Friends & Family!

Cute Wedding Idea

February 28, 2014

“Get with the program booklet” – this is a booklet which will not only tell the guests what is happening and where, but also introduce them to each of the very special bridal party members. The booklet can finish off with a funny Mr. & Mrs. style quiz on the newlyweds.

Fun Addition to a Wedding Dinner

February 28, 2014

Food is always of great importance at a wedding so why not add a Sommelier to select the wines to go with each of your chosen courses.  If he or she has a great personality, it's even better!!!

Wedding Color Trends

February 28, 2014

The key when beginning the design of your wedding is to pick the correct palette – blue tones are making a big comeback. A timeless favorite is navy and gold. Gold disappeared for quite a while but has made a massive return in the recent years not only in weddings but fashion and interiors – another good choice is the softer paler tones in the blues.

A few Spring 2014 Wedding Color Fashions are: blue, green, orange, gray, sand colors and violet. Some trendy color combinations are mustard & teal, coral & fuchsia pink, dusty grey and pink, tones of pink and mint green & ivory.

Step into the World of Bridal Blogging

March 26, 2012

Planning a wedding is an experience of a lifetime and blogging is an easy way to share that experience with your loved ones whether they are near or far.

Brides love the convenience of wedding blogs.  They are a great way to keep your family and friends up to date with wedding plans and festivities.  Wedding blogs can be used to post pictures of small details or a fun shopping day with your bridesmaids! You can even find ideas for your own wedding by following other wedding blogs.  It is a great way to create your own keepsake that will last a lifetime! After the wedding process is complete, you will have a timeline of memories to cherish forever.

Here are a few blog sites that you can use to get started.


Happy Blogging!

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Join the Pinterest Community

March 26, 2012

Pinterest is photo based website and smarphone application. It is a Virtual Pinboard. It allows users to organize and share all the latest and greatest ideas that you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and even find new recipes.

You can also browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new ideas and get inspiration from people who share your same interests. Brides are using Pinterest to find wedding ideas and to share them with the ones they love. This is a great app to have on your phone so you can show all of your vendors exactly what you envisioned.

To get started, request an invite.

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Booking your dream honeymoon made easy!

March 25, 2011

Here are a few tips to helping you plan a romantic and luxurious trip…

1. Create a honeymoon registry. Many travel agencies allow you to set up accounts where your guests can contribute money to your trip as a wedding gift. This can help make buying a gift easy for your guests and really upgrade your honeymoon experience.

2. Honeymoon close to home. You don't have to travel over seas to get to a tropical or luxurious destination. Instead opt for a nearby Leading Hotel of the World. This will give you the opportunity to indulge at a luxury resort without having to spend the money flying over seas.

3. Choose to travel to an offseason location. Decide on a destination or cruise whose itinerary is offseason. The Caribbean stays warm all year long and choosing to honeymoon during the off months could really help you beat the crowds and make it more romantic.

4. Consider all inclusive resorts. Don't spend your honeymoon keeping track of expenses and book an all inclusive trip. You can relax knowing that all your food, drinks, activities and more are taken care of.

5. Book your honeymoon online. There are many travel sites that allow you to book your flight and hotel stay at the same time for one price. These sites also allow broaden your search and give you alternative honeymoon destination ideas that you may never have thought of.

6. Vacation here with us at the Acqualina! Our honeymoon package is ideal for a new couple looking for an oceanfront getaway. Our honeymoon package includes: Daily Continental Breakfast for two by Il Mulino New York, A bottle of champagne, flower petals welcome night, A beachfront dinner for 2 and one 50 minute couples massage in the Private Spa Suite in ESPA.

Happy Vacationing!

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Spring Forward!

February 02, 2011

As spring time is nearly approaching here are some great ideas for your spring weddings…

Escort card holders are a fun and simple way of tying in the season to your wedding. For spring weddings name your tables after different types of flowers or grass, rather than just numbering them. Then take a pot or clear container for each table and fill it with flowers or wheatgrass. Place each persons name on a card attached to a wooden stick and place them inside the pot. This will get your guests into the spring feeling.

Spring is all about the bloom of flowers and greens. Instead of the typical wedding favor, why not keep the spring theme blooming and give away flower seeds. Many people are planting their gardens during this time and would really appreciate this favor, seeing as it helps the environment as well.

Spring time is also a great time for brides to step away from the traditional floral bouquets and centerpieces and opt for a more daring approach. Colors such as vibrant pinks, yellows and greens can be beautiful this time of year and flowers such as tulips, daffodils and anemones also go along with the spring season. Both can be wrapped with raffia ribbon to give it a natural look.

Another great way to get your guests involved while benefiting you as a new couple would be to create interactive centerpieces. Have small water pot shaped papers or boxes attached to a string where guests could write a special message to you that will help keep your “love growing”, have them hang these notes on your floral centerpieces or place them in a larger water pot where you can take the great advice home with you to read as a couple.

Happy Planning!

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Four Tips to Create a Memorable Holiday Dinner Centerpiece

December 08, 2010

Stir up your inner Martha Stewart skills just enough to put in a little time into preparing a lovely centerpiece without having to cramp your modern day gal style.

Tip #1: First things first, always work from the bottom up.  Too often we get carried away with thoughts on our centerpiece, colors scheme, theme and details when then we realize…our table linens have been completely overlooked.  Before this dooming nightmare become your reality, start with the basics.  Choose your table linen and allow its color tone, texture and pattern to set the foundation for the rest of the table.  Table linen is more than just a color, it sets the tone for the rest of the table décor.  Consider layering it with a table runner for an extra hint of warmth.   

Tip #2: For a simple, yet interesting centerpiece, just add cinnamon.  Spruce up both new and old pillar candles by pasting cinnamon sticks along the sides with a hot glue gun.  Start with a few candles of alternating heights.  Add a dash of holiday festivity by adding a ribbon of your choice.  To tie it all together, set your newly crafted candles on a brilliant serving tray.  Include a selection of holly, pinecones, ornaments or holiday floras for a finishing touch. 

Tip #3:  For another timeless centerpiece idea, place a posh candle in a large glass vase.  Add posh vase fillers such as colored diamond-shaped crystals, evergreen branches or sparkling holiday trimmings to add radiance to your tabletop.  Lay the vase over holiday season leaves or in the center of an ornamental wreathe indicative to the season.   

Tip #4: Tis’ the season to use crystal!  When in doubt always remember the one rule of thumb, crystals and sparkle by candlelight is a secure recipe for an elegant and intimate ambiance.

For napkin folding 101, click here.

Happy Holidays!


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An Unforgettable Wedding Favor

October 26, 2010

Tired of the usual wedding favors?  Here is an idea that is a guaranteed conversation starter.

Use your big day as an opportunity to make a contribution to your favorite charities!  Honor the charity organization of your choice by making a donation in the name of each wedding guest.  Include your personal touch by designing a place card to explain to your guests why the charities you chose to make the donations are dear to the couple’s heart.

Click here to see a variety of these Charity Wedding Favors from real weddings across the US.

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2010 Elite Wedding Show

July 23, 2010

What do you get when you take 100 hand selected brides to be, a plethora of exclusive wedding vendors and Miami’s only AAA 5 Diamond Resort on the beach?...South Florida’s finest bridal mixer of 2010.

On the stunning night of June 9th the acclaimed Acqualina Resort & Spa on the Beach and the ever-so-popular Elite Weddings came together to co-produce the 2010 Elite Wedding Show and we are pleased to share that the event was a great success.

Vendors such as Divine Details, Neoart Photography , Donut Divas, Uplyte and Fiction Events (just to name a few) were able to share their expertise as the eager brides approached them in participation of the Elite Bridal Show Mixer.  What was the object of this mixer?  As everyone socialized, brides filled up their token cards by collecting one “vendor token” from each type of vendor.  The first few to complete the task were generously rewarded.  

Various brides went home with an assortment of giveaways such as the AAA Five Diamond Acqualina picnic baskets, gift certificates to some of South Florida’s premium restaurants, romantic weekend getaways for two, complimentary vendor services for the special day, ESPA gift certificates…and MUCH more.  Thanks to Brides Magazine, not one guest went home empty handed as every attendee received the latest issue of their renowned magazine and a gift bag brimming with goodies from superlative partners such as Bacardi, Pistil and Petals and Body Details Hair Removal.
The outcome was a night of fabulous schmoozing over delicious food and drinks, live music entertainment from Dj Sholmi and AA Musicians, radiant brides-to-be and their ideal vendors making a connection and a breezy night under the stars…did we mention we had an intriguing performance from the Fire Tamers fire dancers?   

Mission accomplished.

To view additional photos of the Wedding Show visit Acqualina's Facebook page.

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May 19, 2010

A beautiful beach ceremony is many couples dream.  However, when dealing with mother nature, there can always be the element of unpredictability.  Keep in mind these important tips so you will be ready for any curve ball that is thrown your way!


  • The optimal time for a beach ceremony is in the late afternoon, 90 minutes before sunset.  This time frame is called the magic hour by photographers because they are able to capture the best quality of light.  Make sure to schedule enough time before the cocktail hour to take photos with the bridal party and family members and capture the scenic background.
  • Beach visitors who were not invited to the affair will mostly likely have left by this time.


  • Make sure to inform guests in advance if the ceremony is going to take place on the beach and/or sand.
  • Ensure guests comfort by providing a basket of flip flop sandals, a shoe-check, towels and fans.  In warmer months make sure you have bottled water on hand to offer your guests.
  • A refreshing welcome drink such as lemonade is always a nice gesture.
  • If you are planning to have a standing ceremony, have a few chairs on hand for the elderly.
  • Pashmina wraps in shades of your wedding colors make a thoughtful favor for the ladies, especially on those chilly days.  The pashminas can be tied on the back of chairs or placed in a basket.


  • Always have a plan B and monitor the local weather report and almanac.  Invest in some umbrellas to keep on hand in case of a shower.
  • Wind is an important factor to keep in mind.  Ask your vendors to visit the site in advance so they are prepared for the load in, power source, and proper methods for securing equipment, especially a chuppah or arch that can be dangerous if blown over.
  • If you plan to have the wedding program or wedding favors placed on the chairs, have another option in case it is too windy.  River rocks make great paperweights.
  • If windy, bobby pins are a great option for men to keep yarmukes in place.
  • Instead of a candle lighting ceremony opt for a sand ceremony, which will also create a keepsake for the new home.
  • Take advantage of the outdoor location by incorporating features such as a butterfly or dove release, sparklers or fireworks display for an explosive finale!

As with any event, it is important to communicate to the guests what they can expect so they are prepared in advance.  Remember to accommodate all your guests to ensure that your loved ones have a good time and remember this special day for many years to come...

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Having that “Special Effect!”

January 22, 2010

Celebrate your extraordinary day with flare!  Personalize your ceremony or reception by adding a few special effects that will wow your guests and put a smile on every face.  The day will always be all about the bride and groom, but having a surprise (or two) up your sleeve for your guests is always a great way to celebrate a memorable event.

A Sparktacular Night

For an outside ceremony- Illuminate the night by arranging for a spectacular firework display to take place as the celebrated couple locks lips or while they make their exit as husband and wife.  There are various styles of vibrant displays to choose from as well as various price ranges available.  A gorgeous waterfall of white sparkles can be the backdrop of the first kiss or an elaborate presentation of the couple’s monogram can burst across the stars in various colors for the town to see.

For the reception- At the end of the famous best man speech have breathtaking sparkles exude from each centerpiece of each table or behind the cake while guests crowd around for the world-renown cake cutting picture.This is an affordable way for that element of surprise.

Light Up the Night

Lighting can be a great advantage as it can transform any space-indoor or outdoor.  Hiring a lighting specialist can truly win you more bang for your buck. There are plenty of lighting styles such as LED Lighting, Up Lighting, Wall Washing, Gobo Lighting and Mood lighting.  In learning more about these lighting techniques you may find exactly what you have been looking for!

Keep Your Cool

Incorporate ice cold effects with an ice bar.  Ice bars are (ironically) one of the hottest items making their way into the fabulous world of weddings.  Ice bars are available for both indoor and outdoor events and last for approximately 4 to 5 hours before its first drip.  Definitely a conversation piece!

Display your premium brand bottles in a lush Ice Vase.  An ice vase is a custom made vase made of ice made to keep your drinks chilled. Always a cool addition to the reception décor.

And of course…the ever famous ice slide.  A great entertainment piece…Guests are delighted to watch the bartender prepare their tasty drinks as the bartender pours in the alcohol in one side of the ice sculpture and it makes its way through the sludge and into their glass.  Guests sip….and ahhh…experience the satisfaction of their perfectly chilled drink.

There is plenty more where these special effects came from.  The most important thing is to research, research, and…research some more.  No matter who the couple, there is always a way to make the big day one to remember. 

Happy Planning!

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A Modern Twist on the Traditional Wedding

August 18, 2009

With the modern, culturally diverse couple of today, non-traditional ideas for weddings are very popular.  In addition to the minor details, alternative styles can also apply to the event as a whole. 


The Wedding Cocktail Party

This type of reception immediately follows the wedding ceremony and is typically a shorter time period than a full dinner.

  • Get the party started with chef attended action stations!  Celebrate different cultures with an array of foods and an exquisite presentation as your guests make their rounds.
  • Provide a signature cocktail bar with a menu of drinks creatively named in honor of each member of the bridal party as their recommended favorite. 
  • Flaunt your wedding colors by integrating them with custom signature cocktails.  Lavish guests with cocktail drinks such as a Pomegranate Martinis or Pineapple Mojitos as they enter.

This type of wedding will encourage your guests to mingle and prepare them for a fun reception of dancing and celebration, more so than the typical seated dinner. Make sure to provide enough seating to accommodate older guests. The menu should be plentiful so no one leaves hungry.

 The Brunch Wedding  

For the cheery “morning people” couple.

  • Design your wedding program as if a replica of the daily newspaper.  Surprise your guests by having it delivered to their room or upon arrival to the venue.
  • Passed brunch hors d’oeuvres such as colorful Cereal Squares cut into heart shapes, French Toast on a Stick and Mini Quiche are a delightful welcoming to greet your guests as the arrive. 
  • Host a European Coffee Bar with a barista to personally serve your guests for “made to order” coffee drinks.
  • Introduce a “New Orleans Brunch” feel with a jazz band to liven things up.  Consummate this New Orleans feel with a Louisiana hot sauce bottle labeled with the couple’s new name and a thank you note as a personalized favor. 
  • Invite guests to experiment at a Bloody Mary Bar, where they can explore their creativity with different ingredients and garnishes. 

“The Hour of Sweets” Reception  

For the couple with a sweet tooth, guests will be seated right away for dinner, and then treated to the reception hour following, where dessert is the star of the show.

  • It’s all in the detail as servers pass mini desserts, ice cream cones and chocolate martinis.
  • Encourage your guests to interact and socialize as they indulge in entertaining dessert stations such as a unique Decorate your own Cupcake station, or a delicious Chocolate Fondue. 
  • Astonish your guests by surprising them with an entertainment element such as Fire Dancers or a Strength & Balance Act for an unexpected treat. 
  • Give your guests a fond farewell favor of warm cookies & milk to take home, or a chocolate dipped fortune cookies with a personalized message from the bride & groom. 

As with any event, it is important to communicate to the guests what they can expect so they are prepared in advance.  Remember to accommodate the older guests, children, and handicapped to ensure that all your loved ones have a good time and remember this special day for many years to come!


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Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

May 12, 2009

To make your wedding be truly memorable for you and your guests, try to add a personal touch whenever possible. This is especially true for the wedding favor. A non meaningful favor usually does not make it home from the party, or gets thrown out soon after. To avoid a boring favor, select a common bond the couple shares as a theme. Guests will have fun trying to figure out its meaning!

1. Was the first date at a Chinese restaurant? Order wrapped fortune cookies dipped in chocolate with a personalized message.

2. If the couple met at a wine tasting, a heart shaped wine stopper, wine cork candles, or personalized mini wine split are a great favor.

3. If they both enjoy reading, create a personalized bookmark with a picture of the couple that says "a picture is worth a thousand words" or a love poem the two of you write together. Enjoy boardgames? Have a photo of the couple made into a puzzle.

4. For beach themed weddings, each guest can receive a mini message in a bottle - you can write a special message to each guest and include some sand in the bottle and a cork - it will become a keepsake and they will read the special note for years to come.

5. For destination weddings, give a local souvenir as the favor. Buy postcards of the location already stamped and tied with a ribbon. Humorous couples can choose a retro souvenir such as a key chain or shot glass. Luggage tags are always an appreciated item, and the guest will think of you every time they travel!

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Wedding Planning Tips from Acqualina

March 02, 2009

From unique centerpiece ideas to ice breakers for your guests, Acqualina's resident wedding expert Susan Wesselhoft offers insight to make your wedding day a memorable one.

1. To add a cost efficient and earth friendly element to your wedding replace the traditional fresh floral centerpieces with potted plants or flowers such as orchids, in an attractive pot. After the event they can then be planted to create a symbolic garden where your days memories can live on and grow.

2. At a rehearsal dinner, many guests are meeting each other for the first time. As an ice breaker create a short 10 question quiz on the bride and groom for everyone to fill out and see how much they know about the couple. These can be read later during dessert for a fun game everyone can participate in.

3. For a favor that doubles as a seating place card, small frames are a great gift. Set on each table the guests names can be printed on a card and in the frame to designate where they will sit. Use paper and frames to match the style theme and colors of the wedding. Have the photographer try to take a picture of the wedding couple with every guest. As a thank you, mail the photo to each guest to place in their frame as a keepsake.

4. Beach weddings can be beautiful, but sometimes even on the most gorgeous day wind can be an issue. Make sure the venue provides clips for the table linens, and paper weights such as river rocks to place on top of the menus, seating cards and cocktail napkins. If a chuppah or arch is constructed for the ceremony, make sure the florist secures it with sand bags and wires to prevent it from blowing over.

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