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Estates at Acqualina interior

Fashion’s own Karl Lagerfeld lends his creative vision to the lobbies inside The Estates at Acqualina

Fashion’s own Karl Lagerfeld lends his creative vision to the lobbies inside The Estates at Acqualina.

Boasting cascading chandeliers, reflective hammered metal floors, one-of-a-kind mosaic rugs, custom skylights and a lush fountain flowing over a tiered topiary, Lagerfeld’s lobbies at The Estates at Acqualina will elevate interior design beyond form and function to the most prestigious and fashionable of styles.

Jules Trump, developed of The Estates at Acqualina, states, “We are thrilled Karl Lagerfeld will create the first impression at The Estates, and we also take great pride in the fact that Karl chose The Estates at Acqualina as his first condominium project in the United States.” Here’s what the iconic fashion designer had to say about this highly anticipated project:

How does designing for luxury real estate overlap with designing fashion?
The location! It has to be inspired by the style of the building and the environment around.

What is the one key design element you feel is missing from most high-end real estate right now?
Both have to be modern and of our times. But buildings have a much longer life. They have to be modern first and become classic later.

Why the shift in designing for luxury real estate at this stage in your career?
I’ve done so many houses I never used, and I cannot take another house for myself. So for me, it is interesting to make a kind of modern, over-scaled project.

In Canada and Florida, you’ve focused on lobbies. Why the affection for lobbies?
Lobbies are significant because they offer the first impression of the building, and they are the spaces where people come to socialize daily, like a common living room. I am excited to design these lobbies and take great pride in knowing that the spaces I create will be such important spaces in the building.

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