How to Find Your Perfect Residence

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We were delighted to partner with Florida International University and Dr. Nancy Richmond’s class on a wonderful social media project. As a result, please enjoy this blog written by students Christina Barken & Eric Jones about how to find your perfect apartment.

The Home of Your Dreams

Looking for that dream home for you and your family where every day feels like a holiday? We can help, by offering a few simple steps you can take to assure you find just the right place for creating a lifetime of unforgettable experiences. Your story is unique — your home should be too.  Let the memories begin.

Entertaining Activities

Don’t miss out on a minute of fun! Your new home should have a variety of entertaining recreational pastimes that encourage interaction between family members. Foster an environment where activities create everlasting memories and an inseparable bond. Allow your family to bond over thrilling experiences that are conveniently located within the complex. Check out the numerous stimulating activities available at The Estates at Acqualina.


Top of the Line Kitchens

Food brings family together. When choosing your oasis, look for options that are equipped with five-star kitchen facilities that give you the ability to entertain family and friends. The Estates offers luxurious and expansive kitchens including a La Cornue oven. Take a look at the gorgeous sample floorplans!


Amenities Children Will Love

Children get bored easily, especially when they are in one place for too long. Make sure to find sources that will maintain their attention and avoid temper tantrums. Rather than using electronics such as iPads to keep your kids busy, look for activities that promote an active lifestyle. Amenities such as pools, playgrounds, and game rooms encourage kids to get out and socialize. The Estates at Acqualina go above and beyond the ordinary amenities other residences offer. An ice skating rink, wave simulator, and bowling alley are right on the premises of our Florida location. Learn how to catch some waves with The Estates’ FlowRider.

Little boy sliding on water slide.


Connection between you and your family is important. We value connections too! Please share your stories with us or reach out via social media!

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