Alberto Vignatelli Talks Beautiful Interiors at The Mansions

Interior rendering of the Mansions at Acqualina

A match made in design heaven, Luxury Living Group’s President and CEO Alberto Vignatelli discusses Fendi Casa’s design enterprise at the Mansions at Acqualina.

How do the design values of Fendi Casa align with Acqualina’s?

Fendi Casa creations have a timeless elegance and are for an eclectic clientele on the lookout for unique, top-quality options where aesthetics and functionality blend harmoniously. These are the values that connect our group to the Acqualina project, in order to create an ultra-luxury project for a top-quality target.

The mansions at Acqualina are described as Mansions in the Sky, with an emphasis on their seaside location. How does Miami’s natural setting inspire or complement the design?

We were inspired by a clear idea of a warm and cozy residence in which the relaxed and Caribbean atmosphere of Florida, with its vivid colors and the Miami skyline, creates a great impact setting with a clear vocation for the excellence.

How can interior design contribute to one’s quality of life and well-being?

My idea of luxury and interior decoration is a home to be fully experienced, in every room. It is a complete lifestyle, a way of life. With our creations, we want to define a modern residence designed with special attention to detail and quality.

Would you consider Miami an international leader in design?

Yes. I have to tell you, even Dubai and Vancouver are growing very much at this moment, but Florida, I think, is the best design in quality and lifestyle that I have found around the world. It’s the best.

Are there any specific projects in motion at Fendi Casa that you’d like to share?

There are many projects coming. We will be able to offer not only furniture but a turn-key project – a full service to the very demanding new customers. We are going to open not only in Miami, but all over the world, a service offered by Luxury Living focused on Fendi Casa.