An Incomparable View

By Michelle Payer

As American poet William Carlos Williams once wrote, “But the sea which no one tends is also a garden.” And what a vast, magnificent garden lies at Acqualina’s grand stone steps, where guests feel at one with the ocean, completely separated from the outside world. Here, they coalesce with nature’s garden, with nothing to obstruct their view or enjoyment of the Atlantic Ocean. The sea is at once captivating and poetic, while subtly, softly, magnificently taking center stage with everything at the resort.

Its azure waters can inspire paintings within Acqualina’s private Painting Experience – or serve as a backdrop for photo sessions (Photo Shoots with Pipe), both of which that can be scheduled through the concierge. The ocean can be the harmonious symphony to which couples, families and friends dine at bespoke Beachfront Dinners arranged by advance reservation on weekends or serve as delicate background music while dining al fresco at Il Mulino New York, Ke-uH or Costa Grill.

Acqualina’s three pools – Spa, Family and Adult – intentionally call to the sea with views from every corner, and their AcquaBeds, which can be reserved with the concierge or on the Acqualina App, make ocean-gazing an instantly Instagram-able pastime. Acqualina’s actual gardens (the green kind) vie with the ocean’s vast expanse for sheer, mesmerizing beauty, making this one perfect locale in which to be pampered and reconnect with family, loved ones and the brilliant blue sea.