Japanese Fusion Comes To Acqualina- An interview with Chef Oscar

At the helm of Ke-uH, a new Japanese restaurant offering traditional dishes with a modern twist—such as the salmon pizza—Chef Oscar Noborikawa brings a high-level sushi experience and a passion to the kitchen.

By Rayna Katz

Where are you from?

Where have you worked previously? 
I was a sushi chef at Nobu Miami for 14 years, and after I opened restaurants in Madrid and Aruba. In 2017, I returned to Miami and joined Ke-uH’s first location in Weston, Florida.

How did you come to be at Acqualina?
By 2020, we wanted to expand to bring our menu to more guests. During that period, Acqualina’s CEO Deborah Yager Fleming contacted us, and we thought Acqualina Resort was perfect for our concept.

How does the restaurant complement Acqualina’s Costa Grill and Il Mulino New York? 
It brings more variety to the hotel, offers customers unique Japanese fusion dishes, and delights them with another delectable gastronomy experience.

What dishes have been most popular?
The most popular are the Chirashi roll, spicy honey shrimp, tuna pizza, and Kurobuta pork buns.

Are there others you recommend? 
I’m a more traditional sushi lover, and I love our Toro Nigiri (bluefin tuna belly) and the Japanese Uni (sea urchin) Nigiri. For more of a fusion dish, the salmon pizza is one of my personal favorites.

You’ve said you work to achieve “balance in every single bite.” How will Ke-uH diners discover that?
Our menu has a balance of taste, and we assemble every dish with a unique flavor profile to deliver a great experience in every bite. All sauces and a few ingredients are made in-house, such as ponzu, yuzu, eel sauce, aiolis, vinaigrette, orange candy, and Kani tempura. We cook the octopus sous vide for three hours, the pork belly and ribs are cooked for hours, and all the plates are finished when the customer orders.

How does the restaurant differ from the other Ke-uH? 
Ke-uH at Acqualina offers a full bar, and diners there can enjoy spectacular ocean views. It’s one of the best outdoor dining spots in all of Miami.

What are some signature cocktails of The Bar at Ke-uH? 
We serve some excellent cocktails, including Shoga Collins with Japanese Roku gin, Passion Mule with Fever Tree ginger beer, and Ke-uH the Rock with Teremana Reposado and watermelon.