Oceanfront Dining the Miami Way

By Angela Caraway-Carlton

Swaying palm trees with a balmy breeze. Sparkling, turquoise water set against a backdrop of scallop-white sand. A drink in hand, while noshing on your favorite fare. While the scene is so Miami, oceanfront dining is rare in our tropical paradise.

Acqualina Resort offers the chance to soak up its unique dining setting at Costa Grill, Miami’s only restaurant that completely borders the beach. Home to ocean views and a sun-kissed dining-scape decked out in red and white hues with European panache, Costa Grill offers the chance to savor Floridian-style dishes dashed with Mediterranean influences as you gaze at the ocean’s palette of blues. Open from 11 am to 6 pm, it’s an ideal spot for a beachside lunch, a light snack before dinner, or delectable cocktails.

Enjoy starters that range from grilled prawns to tuna poke and homemade guacamole, to pizzas and fresh salads, and entrees that include burgers and sandwiches as well as steaks and seafood. Be sure to pair your meal with another added indulgence: a branded Acqualina coconut that comes with or without alcohol. A perfect cap to your only-in-Miami experience.