Bringing Acqualina To You – Feisty Fish Craft for the Whole Family

This is the first episode in our “Bringing Acqualina to You” series where we want to inspire you virtually by sharing our ideas and making Acqualina’s amenities and offerings available to you to make the most of this time. So, no matter where in the world you may be, you can travel to our Miami home – without having to leave the comforts of your home. Let the adventures of Acqualina begin!

Acqualina’s marine biology-inspired children’s program, AcquaMarine, is renowned for its fun and innovative, hands-on activities. Here, our camp counselor Regis creates a cool shark craft inspired by our Feisty Fish marine theme, one of 7 unique ocean themes as part of Acqualina’s camp curriculum. This craft is fun to do with your little ones.

Please click HERE to view the full video on our Feisty Fish craft.


• Please click HERE to download
the printable template
•Coloring supplies (Pencils, Crayons, Markers)
•1 sheet of red construction paper

1. Print out the template in the size that you prefer
2. Color and decorate your shark using your coloring supplies
3. Cut out the picture
4. Place the picture on top of the red construction paper, trace it so you can get it to the same size and cut it
5. Fold both, picture and rectangle, in half. Leavingthe shark in the outside part
6. Cut along the zigzag line between the teeth
7. Fold the mouth in diagonal lines, making sure that your folds are firm
8. Open the picture back, and using your fingers gently push through the mouth hole, and leaving the shark picture inside this time, close the card slowly and carefully
9. Making sure it is properly close, start gluing it to the red rectangle, pressing it down and running your hand over it a couple of times

All Set! Your card is ready to fight!

As a camper attending AcquaMarine, Feisty Fish day provides an interactive learning approach brought on by creativity and curiosity with a focus on lionfish and piranhas. Kids will learn interesting facts through a variety of online learning tools and arts and crafts including that there are 15 different species of lionfish and the most common is the red lionfish. While piranhas are known for their large triangular teeth and some are even kept as pets in South America. They will make their own, “What I know, What I wonder and What I learned” chart. After, children will make their way to Acqualina’s great outdoors to play a game of invasive species tag. Kids will take home lionfish recycled water bottle creations and piranha crafts and be filled with an abundance of knowledge about the world of Feisty Fish.

Check back for more episodes and share your creative projects with us so we can all be together at this time through #AcqualinaLearning #Acqualina.