Capturing the Moment: Photoshoots with Pipe

Woman walking in the tide in Miami, Florida

From its pristine Atlantic beachfront setting to its singular collection of unforgettable experiences, Acqualina Resort & Spa is an oasis for special family moments. Enter Miami photographer Pipe Yanguas, whose passion is to capture them and make them last forever.

For Yanguas, what began as a teenage hobby in photography has since blossomed into a career of commemorating life’s most precious memories. After studying at the renowned private school Isituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy for three years, he started his own Miami company called The PHOTObiographer in 2010. He’s since become one of the Magic City’s most sought-after lifestyle photographers, and he now offers his services to guests at Acqualina through an exclusive Acqua Experience, “Photoshoots with Pipe.”

Pipe Yanguas

In each and every photoshoot, Yanguas employs his distinctive talents behind the lens to focus on what matters most in people’s lives. To him, this doesn’t mean merely documenting the major milestones like you’d expect, such as a wedding or graduation photographer. Rather, he focuses on the free-spirited happiness that arises in day-to-day life.

“What is most important to me is to let people be themselves,” says Yanguas. “If they feel like being goofy, or sexy, or playful, or laughing out loud, it is all valid and awesome. As long as they let their personality show, it is perfect!”

Kids on a red couch in Miami, Florida

And, of course, Acqualina’s seaside haven is a place where these joyous moments abound, creating an opportune environment to live in the present and stage the perfect family photos that guests will cherish for many years to come.

“It’s already a paradise, so I just encourage them to wander around and let me follow them with my camera. I guide them in terms of lighting and spots, but in general I like to pursue all the spontaneous situations that a family would enjoy in their holidays,” says Yanguas. He adds that his favorite spots to shoot around the resort include its pool areas, its trademark red sofas, its human-sized chess board, and of course, Sunny Isles Beach itself.

Boy jumping with giant chess piece in Miami, Florida

No matter where the oceanfront template leads his subjects, Yanguas is always poised to capture every step of their candid exploration in real time. With the pressure of a formal staging removed from the equation, the result is a series of natural, unforced images that portray fun, laughter, and most importantly, a true rendering of the heart.

According to the Yanguas, early mornings are the best time to schedule a shoot. Not only do they provide ideal lighting as the sun rises over the Atlantic, but they also tend to offer a clearer backdrop to frame shots before other guests emerge to meander the grounds. The most important thing to keep in mind before a photoshoot, he says, is to be well-rested. As for attire, he likes to encourage guests to wear what they love.

Family on the beach in Miami, Florida

“I put a lot of value in the authenticity of each person,” he says. “Nevertheless, if they want to do an all-white, or coordinated outfits, it is always beautiful as well, and if that’s something they like then I love it too.”

Of course, those wanting to arrange the ideal look can visit the recently-debuted Acqualina Boutique located inside the Spa, where the resort’s new expert consultant will help curate the latest fashions from luxury brands like Alexandra Miro, Vilebrequin, Gemma Hesterbly, Miguelina, and SUNUVA. After they’ve found the perfect outfit, guests will be primed for a photoshoot experience unlike any other.

Photoshoots with Pipe are available by appointment and must be booked 48 hours in advance. To reserve a shoot, please contact the Acqualina Resort & Spa Concierge at 305.918.6860.


All photos courtesy of Pipe Yanguas.