Love and Palm Trees: An Acqualina Wedding to Remember

By Erica Corsano

When it came time for Mima Argento and Sergio Pulice to choose a wedding venue, Miami was the clear option. The Canadian couple spent their first vacation together in the Magic City, leaving them enamored with each other, and with the region.

“This is the first place I vacationed with Sergio. I fell in love with him and with Miami. It is also the place where he proposed, so it just felt natural that we would start our ‘happily ever after’ here,” Argento explains.

Both Argento and Pulice come from a traditional Italian backgrounds where destination weddings are certainly not the norm. But the couple yearned for something a little bit more contemporary. They wanted to create a uniquely intimate (and utterly elegant) beachfront wedding that would leave a lasting impression on their loved ones. They felt that Acqualina was the perfect place to do just that.

“From the moment we stepped foot and met event manager Jessica Roldan, and her team, we knew Acqualina was where we could make our dream wedding a reality,” Argento exclaims.

Mima and Sergio learned that Acqualina is the only hotel in South Florida to offers private, beachfront ceremonies catering to 50 guests, or less: this was the exclusivity factor they were looking for.

“They complemented each other really well and that made the process of planning really easy, seamless and enjoyable …they had a really clear vision for what they wanted,” Roldan explains. “I loved the fact that they both had their clear roles and were equally involved. It was nice to see the groom invested in certain roles!”

The couple decided they wanted their wedding theme to be centered around elegance and opulence. Created by floral décor company La Feterie, white florals and candlelit tables helped set the mood both Mima and Sergio longed for.

“I had a clear vision of the flower arrangements…we both wanted the space to feel elegant and opulent,” Aregnto explains.  “White florals and candlelit tables are timeless.”

The ‘timeless elegance’ theme continued with the bride’s stunning gown, designed by a Montreal-based designer, Alexander Taksev. The modern yet feminine dress hails from Taksev’s “Icon by Alexander” collection.

As for the menu, the foodie couple made sure to fully explore their options and choose gourmet selections that were the perfect mix of Italian favorites and South Florida delights.

“Food is very important in our culture. It is what brings us together, so we wanted the food to represent us, but also be familiar to our friends and family, and we wanted our guests to experience a taste of Miami,” Argento explains.

The globally inspired dishes included an array of seafood, (from ceviche to tartare), as well as more familiar Italian fare like Burrata, lamb, prosciutto, and Parmesan cheese. The main course featured local grouper.

“The menu had a Mediterranean flair with Miami tastes,” Roldan says. “Grouper with macadamia and mango sauce evokes our DNA—which is that Mediterranean feel—but also has local south Florida products.”

The bride noted that while both she and the groom were raised Italian Catholics, they opted for a far less traditional wedding. Married by a brother-in-law who acted as the officiant, with vows exchanged ocean-side vs. altar-side, the modern nuptials radiated immense love and joyful energy felt by all.

“The reality is that love is love, and love is so contagious that everyone wants to be a part of that,” Argento says. “The love we felt from our family and friends was amplified by the gorgeous surroundings and the attention and service we received from the staff—they made us feel like the most important people at the Acqualina that day.”