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Art today is many things to many people. Often blurring the lines between past and present and between perception and reality, art easily transcends across all genres. The fact is, art appears before you at almost every turn and often in ways that you least expect it.

Mansions Living Room 2

At Acqualina, art can be found in the glow of a Swarovski crystal chandelier; in the shimmer of sunlight on an ocean wave; in a barrel-vaulted coffered ceiling; in the red umbrellas that line the white sand beach; in the green-grass park where games are played; in the sculptures and paintings that grace the gardens and lobbies; in the mosaic tile floors and a classic bell tower; in food that sustains the body as well as the soul.

Mansions Living Room 3

The art we celebrate in multiple venues around the city during Art Basel Miami is largely imported for the occasion from other art capitals around the world. What’s often overlooked in the Baseling fervor is the art that stays in Miami after the party has left town.  In fact, we have our own notable homegrown artists working within an ongoing If loosely structured arts community and — just as critical to our reputation as a major repository of contemporary art – guests, homeowners and even developers, whose private and public art collections rival the best the world has to offer.

Architectural Photography

At the Estates at Acqualina, Mansions at Acqualina and Acqualina Resort our indoor and outdoor spaces are filled with both art and an artistic sensibility. You will find traditional and non-traditional paintings on our walls, sculpture in our gardens, contemporary Swarovski chandeliers hanging from our ceilings, photography adorning our public spaces and, perhaps most spectacularly of all, Estates lobbies created by the master design icon of our time — Karl Lagerfeld. This is a world of art where beauty and imagination interact with all your senses in a true departure from the city around you.

beachfront sunrise 2

Look around. Exhale. Embrace the beauty of these surroundings. Piece by piece, you experience a masterpiece. We call it “a Celebration of Art, Architecture and Life.