Acqualina’s Transformed Mediterranean Villa Lobbies

By Michelle Payer

If details make perfection and perfection is more than a detail, then Acqualina’s lobby transformation is a study in artistic mastery. In a little over a year, resplendent new hotel gallery and condominium lobbies are complete, using the rarest, most refined materials sourced throughout the world. From bespoke rugs to richly veined marble, custom-pearlized wall treatments to hand-tooled leather chairs, no detail was too insignificant to elevate Acqualina’s original grandeur into a newly refined masterpiece.

Jules and Stephanie Trump were visionaries in creating a chic arrival experience when they unveiled the original lobbies in 2006, melding the Italian Riviera with a new “Florida Riviera.” Fifteen years later, Stephanie Trump says “as our brand evolved, it was time to cautiously modernize our beautiful villa and yet keep the magnificent bones of our beloved galleria and condominium lobbies.” She carefully steered fresh updates with STA Architectural Group to maintain Acqualina’s original splendor while enriching its elegant design. A painstaking collection of fine finishes gave the lobbies new life: rare quartzite marble was unearthed to complement rich green marble behind the reception desk, stained oak millwork was polished to its original luster, soaring Corinthian and Doric columns pop with lustrous white paint, and round latticed wall medallions reflect natural sunlight that streams through newly unshaded windows.

“The heightened elegance that STA Architectural Group introduced to Acqualina has elevated the lobbies as you know them,” avers Stephanie. “The palette was influenced by the emerald-green water of the Atlantic Ocean, while the stately architectural features of the spaces are enhanced and highlighted with varying shades of whites,” she says. “The furniture is updated with contemporary Fendi Casa selections in addition to magnificent bespoke area rugs, creating a sophisticated, yet warm environment.”

Stepping into Acqualina will always transport guests to a rich, dramatic Italian Riviera villa, now with a brighter, lighter sensation. “The spaces are even more beautiful and provide a warm welcome and a gathering place for our hotel guests and residents,” says Acqualina CEO Deborah Yager Fleming.

Relax in elegant conversation areas, absorb the newly unveiled beauty, marvel in extraordinary design details. After all, it’s your home for a week, a month or forever.