Bringing Acqualina To You – 4TH Edition


Acqualina is a magical oasis of tranquility mingled with old world charm and tradition. We share this video of our oceanfront masterpiece graced with panoramic vistas of the sea to inspire you and keep us connected. Our “Bringing Acqualina to You” series offers a live wellness talk with one of our ESPA consultants. Executive Chef Michele Mazza of Il Mulino New York invites you into his kitchen as he prepares his recipe for Spaghetti with Garden Zucchini and Garlic that’s both delicious and easy to make. Plus, there is a fun craft to do with the kids and a complimentary book to enjoy in your free time.

At-Home Cooking with Chef Mazza

Join Executive Chef Michele Mazza of Il Mulino New York for a home-kitchen cooking demonstration. Chef Mazza shares one of his first dishes he learned from his mother. He’ll walk you through making a simple and delicious recipe for Spaghetti with Garden Zucchini and Garlic. Buon Appetito!

Personal Wellness

Yoga on the Beach
Health and wellness is so important especially during these challenging times. We are delighted to bring you a live talk with Haley Carr, spa consultant and clinical aromatherapist from the world-renowned ESPA. We have invited Haley to talk about understanding the building blocks of personal wellness and how to achieve it while at home.

Join us on Wednesday, April 29 at 11am hosted via Zoom. Please register Here.

Squishy Stingers

Acqualina’s marine biology-inspired children’s program, AcquaMarine, offers an interactive learning experience brought on by creativity and curiosity. There are 7 unique themes and our focus today is about Squishy Stingers. At the camp, kids have a chance to explore their artistic side while creating works of art such as ceramic jellyfish planters, canvas jellyfish paintings, jellyfish in a bottle and much more. At home, you can create your own Squishy Stinger as our camp counselor Regis provides step-by-step instruction.


  • 1 Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Coloring or painting supplies
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Hole puncher
  • Pipe cleaners


  1. Cut your paper plate in half.
  2. Taking one of the halves, color it or paint it as you prefer.
  3. Add decorations like googly eyes, gems, etc.
  4. Add some glue in the design that you like better and sprinkle some glitter on top.
  5. Remove any excess of glitter.
  6. Using a hole puncher, make four holes in the bottom line of the plate.
  7. Insert one pipe cleaner through one of the holes, fold it in half and try to fold the pipe a couple of times to make it look like a tentacle.
  8. Repeat the process with the rest of the holes.

Your squishy stinger is ready!

Bedside Reading

We are bringing you yet another wonderful book as part of our Bedside Reading program. Seymour Ubell, author and valued guest of Acqualina, has written The Birth Mother, a story filled with love, pathos, tragedy, and triumph. Read, laugh, cry, and learn. It’s a tale you will never forget.  Download your complimentary book HERE.