Il Mulino New York Executive Chef Shares One Of His Favorite Italian Recipes

Acqualina is home to the acclaimed Italian restaurant Il Mulino New York.  Renowned for its bustling and energetic atmosphere, the restaurant is now open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with al fresco dining overlooking the sea. You can enjoy Sunday Brunch with family and friends or experience a three-course Miami Spice menu for lunch or dinner. Il Mulino is also available for takeout.

Il Mulino’s Executive Chef Michele Mazza shares a delicious recipe for Zucchini Blossoms made with Ricotta also known in Italy as fiori di zucca. Chef Mazza prefers to fry these dainty, edible bright orange blossoms.

With just a few ingredients and fresh zucchini flowers, the results are nothing short of wonderful! Buon Appetito!