Unlimited Fitness

By Erica Corsano

Robert Jordan Perez, owner and principal of the consulting and programming firm Unlimited Fitness Inc., wants you to stay fit while having fun on vacation at Acqualina. In fact, he and his team of wellness experts offer boot camps, beach yoga, boxing, sports specific personal training, and the list goes on.

Unlimited Fitness offer exercise activities of all levels to hotel guests, including classes like Zumba and Bliss Yoga, as part of the resort’s AcquaFit program. 

Zumba, which uses a fusion of Latin & international rhythms combined with Latin dance moves is fun, invigorating and beyond uplifting. Guests can also relax and recharge with Bliss Yoga and gentle yoga postures that facilitate deep stretching and relaxation. 

We recently chatted with the master of all things well-being to learn more: 

How do you think wellness and fitness is synonymous with the Acqualina lifestyle?
We understand what the hotel guests and residents need and target expectations for that level of guest, and we try and offer services that cater to a luxury leisure lifestyle.

Can you tell me more about the water aerobics classes?
It’s a great low-impact workout that provides cardiovascular fitness and promotes strength and endurance, using the water for resistance. Fast-paced music is used to infuse fun into the class. We also use floatation devices and equipment like aqua belles, aqua weights and noodles. One of the main things is that anyone, at any level can participate, and there’s no swim experience required—you can do it in the shallow end or deep end, and don’t have to worry about staying afloat.

Can you tell me more about your trainers and how they are certified?
Our instructors offer a variety of classes and are nationally certified and each trained in their particular area. We select the best fitness instructors in each category/craft who motivate and inspire clients to exercise safely and effectively, while emphasizing positive habits and goal setting.

Can anyone partake in your classes?
We have classes at all levels—from beginner to intermediate and advanced, and some classes are for all fitness levels. Our trainers are able to modify the movements to accommodate everyone. As mentioned, you can also book group classes and one-on-one fitness.

What other services can be booked at Acqualina by their concierge?
We offer a comprehensive fitness menu for Acqualina. Through the concierge, Unlimited Fitness offers an array of one-on-one and private services from sports-specific training like boxing, to personal training, private beach yoga, boot camps for groups, mat Pilates, Zumba, yoga, and more.

What are the benefits of Hatha Yoga? How does it differ from Bliss Yoga?
Bliss yoga is more of a gentle yoga and is a little easier. It is gentle postures that facilitate relaxation. You get basic yoga moves with slowly held poses, concentrating on breathing, stretching, and relaxation. Hatha is also for beginners but promotes balance, flexibility, and strength. No matter the class, the instructors will modify movements for each individual.

Why is mat Pilates such a powerful tool for sculpting one’s body? What are the other benefits?
It can be done using your own body’s resistance and builds core strength by firming and aligning the core, lower back and leg muscles, and the entire body. It focuses on improving strength and flexibility. All participants are monitored to ensure proper technique and their workout is optimal! Some equipment is sometimes used but essentially you are using your own body’s resistance.

What advice would you give people about staying on track with fitness while on vacation?
Do your research before you travel and see what options you have, that will help you stay on track! If you are staying in a facility that has nice amenities like at Acqualina, take advantage. Always do some research prior to arriving at your destination about what amenities they offer.

What is your ultimate goal when working with guests?
Our goal is to provide our guests with anything they are looking for when it comes to a fitness and wellness experience. We are goal oriented and emphasize positive reinforcement—we try to always guide and inspire clients to get to whatever goals they are trying to reach.

Unlimited Fitness classes are available every Saturday and Sunday at no additional charge. Bliss Yoga is on Saturday and Zumba is on Sunday, both at 10am, in the Library on the Mezzanine level.