Breathe In Bliss

By Jenny Starr Perez

Indulge in tranquility and wellness beyond fitness with Acqualina Resort’s AcquaFit program. Our approach encompasses every aspect of your stay, from the moment you awaken in our luxurious rooms and suites equipped with yoga mats, inviting you to greet the day with sunrise yoga or a moment of mindfulness.

Begin your mornings with our specialized detox breakfast menu, featuring fresh juices and health-conscious meals. Embrace physical and mental well-being through our diverse range of activities, including serene beach walks along our mapped shoreline, opting for a stress-free stay through our unique spa treatments, or engaging in a personal training session tailored to your fitness goals.

But wellness at Acqualina doesn’t end there. Dive into interactive mindfulness with seminars on stress management, unleash your creativity in art therapy sessions, or explore Miami’s vibrant culinary scene with guided food tours. Our comprehensive Bedside Reading program extends into the digital realm, offering a selection of reads on personal growth available through the Acqualina App. And for the adventurous, the AcquaFit program also offers exhilarating activities like surfing and stand-up paddle boarding.

Here, wellness is not just an activity; it’s a luxurious and immersive lifestyle.