Embracing Transformative Wellness in 2019

Transformative wellness treatments at Acqualina Spa by ESPA in South Florida.

Blending time-honored practices with the latest scientific and technological advancements, a new year brings new goals for mind, body, and spirit. For those looking to make changes toward a better quality of life, transformative wellness can be the key to becoming your best possible self.

Both at home and on the beautiful beachfront of Acqualina Resort & Spa, here are four transformations that will make 2019 your year of metamorphosis.

Skin Health

A woman getting skin care treatment at Acqualina Spa in Miami, FL

One of the most important focuses for Acqualina Spa by ESPA in the new year is the microbiome and its relation to skin health. Considered to be the largest organ, as well as the primary shield between the outside environment and the inside of the body, the skin is too often and easily overlooked in terms of healthy maintenance.

Just as it is vital to cultivate an ideal microbiome within your gut, it is equally important to foster a diverse, yet balanced, population of microorganisms that make their home on your skin. In fact, the mere presence of probiotics within the digestive system is thought to directly correlate to the existence of beneficial microbes on the surface of your skin.

Unique to each individual, the skin’s bio composition depends on factors like age, gender, diet, and hygiene — and manifests uniquely under various environmental settings.

Dietarily, the intake of good fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vibrant vegetables, and clean water seems to be equally conducive to a robust microbiome as avoiding excess sugar and processed foods. Keep an eye out as well for products containing dairy and gluten — two ingredients which may potentially trigger an array of skin issues.

Another factor to consider is creating a hospitable surface where the correct proportions of microscopic organisms can live and reproduce. Steer clear of hand sanitizers and soaps which indiscriminately eliminate such populations, and try to sustain an optimal skin pH by breaking a regular sweat with consistent workout routines.

Clean Eating

A healthy bento box from Acqualina Spa

It comes as little surprise that what you put into your body affects the way you look, feel, and operate — both on a day-to-day basis and long-term.

Following revelations involving symbiotic gut flora, collagen-based proteins, and high-fat ketogenic diets is the rise of medium-chain triglycerides, otherwise known as MCTs. Originating from palm and coconut oils, MCTs have powerful properties in the quick boosting of clean energy and cognitive function and can easily be added to smoothies and other recipes.

Another industry experiencing a serious upswing is the plant-based market. With a heightened interest and the emergence of creatively tasty alternatives, it’s becoming increasingly easier to choose meatless options when sitting down for meals or on the go. Apart from its links to lower blood sugar, heart disease, and cancer risk, as well as improvements in nutrient uptake and kidney function, going vegan — if only for a couple of days each week — can significantly reduce your impact on the environment.

For seafood lovers, 2019 will continue to trend toward dishes from the ocean that please the palate while providing plenty of beneficial omega-3s.

Eating healthy can mean different things for different people. To personalize your diet, set up a consultation with Acqualina’s expert Health & Wellness Coach, who will review your lifestyle and eating habits before offering customized guidance and motivation to help realign your nutrition for maximum long-term benefits. Afterward, indulge in a healthy bento box from Acqualina Spa’s cuisine menu.

Emotional Balance

A woman relaxes at the Acqualina Spa

If the biggest impact on your health involves stress from home or work, there are ways to manage the tension while transforming it into more empowering outputs.

Considering that a successful renewal must begin with the mind, regular meditation can drastically alter your overall perceptions for the better. Centered around concentration and controlled breathing, this mindful tradition has long been proven to help its participants release their guilt from the past and anxiety toward the future, while reestablishing a connection to living in the present.

With a recent flood of online resources and apps to help coach meditators of all levels, the practice is more accessible than ever before and can be applied almost anywhere you go. During your next Acqualina retreat, schedule an Energy Cleanse, Breathing & Meditation session, led by Acqualina Spa’s expert partners at YOGiiZA.

Then try the Ama Releasing Abhyanga experience, a holistic Ayurvedic journey that eliminates toxins and restores mental function with a foot and body scrub, scalp ritual, and choreographed marma massage to relieve stress and balance energy.

Movement as Medicine

Tools for fitness in Miami

Besides the cardiovascular benefits and increased oxygen flow associated with regular exercise routines, the old adage that “a body in motion stays in motion” continues to ring as true as ever with the modern advancements in workout techniques.

While HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, can work wonders for calorie-burning and overall fitness, the most recent research suggests that optimal results can also be achieved through less taxing, personalized fitness routines that work with your body’s abilities and metabolic assessment. At the Oceanfront Fitness Center, YOGiiZA founders Dawn and Mark Oliver strive to match each guest with the best trainer to fit their needs by hand-selecting the top wellness instructors in the field — like Míriam Amselem, a Holistic Nutritionist and the leader of many of YOGiiZA’s pilates, yoga, and personal training sessions.

Aiding in everything from arthritis to migraines to back issues, regular yoga sessions can make a marked improvement on many types of chronic pain by increasing strength and flexibility (and as a result, mobility). By focusing on the roots of persistent pain, rather than masking its symptoms, individuals can begin a systemic path to recuperating from injury or illness.

Because yoga acts to balance the body and mind, it encourages myriad psychological benefits, like a reduction in stress, anxiety, and even depression — factors that have been known to create and perpetuate pain. Incorporating breathing techniques and mindful practices, yoga can actually improve your mood and outlook on everyday life by approaching afflictions in a holistic manner.

There is also evidence to suggest that the positive effects of this ancient practice can be compounded by a beautiful setting. Try beachfront flows with YOGiiZA, offering customized morning sessions on the edge of the Atlantic to set the tone for your relaxing getaway.