Extraordinary Themes for Everyday Health


Acqualina Spa by ESPA is excited to introduce our first-ever monthly health and wellness series titled “Extraordinary Themes for Everyday Health.”

On the first Tuesday of each month, beginning on October 4th 2016 at 3pm, guests will have the opportunity to attend educational and interactive sessions that will provide insights on how to improve overall well-being.

The series schedule is as follows:

  • October 4 with Andrew Clark: “Crystal Sonic Healing & Sound Bath” – Andrew Clark’s restorative session creates the opportunity to transform body and mind with a healing vibrations for authentic empowerment. Guests will discover the world of everyday vibrations and will learn how to integrate them into their lives for healing purposes. This session merges scientific and spiritual principles to offer stress-relieving tactics that align the body and soul.
  • November 1 with Tahiirah Allen: “Organic Wine Education & Tasting” – Tahiirah Allen’s session will discuss the benefits of organic wine. She will explain what it is, why it matters, where to find it, and how it’s made. Guests will be able to enjoy a guided tasting of 3-4 organic wines with a complimentary food pairing at the end of the seminar. Light bites will be served.
  • December 6 with Cameron Shayne: “Agelessness & Movement Art” – Cameron Shayne’s insights on movement art are designed to challenge habitual ways of thinking and common perceptions of the world. In his session he will demonstrate that the body is able to perform well at any level, no matter the chronological age. Guests who attend this session may be inspired to move, however, physical activity is not required.
  • January 3 with Rae Indigo: “Timeless Mind. Ageless Body” – Rae Indigo’s session will be centered on Mind Science, which explores how daily thoughts can guide the mental process towards being effective and useful. Rae will explain how day-to-day operations are a series of compulsions that aren’t aligned with actual goals, and how the architecture of our thoughts applies to our entire experience in life. Guests will learn how to upgrade their thought process to create a life of possibility.
  • February 7with Julie Murphy: “Mindful Meditation”  Julie Murphy’s session will hit the “pause button” on busy minds, and take guests on a journey through the five senses. Julie will teach guests simple mindfulness techniques that will release stress to increase positivity and inner calm in their everyday lives. Guests are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing to enjoy the stretches, breathing and deep relaxation.
  • March 7 with Allyson Tomchin, LCSW: “A Light Bulb Moment”– Allyson Tomchin’s session will guide guests on to the road of self-discovery, and allow them to identify “light bulb moments.” These are moments of enlightenment, inspiration, or sudden realization. This educational session will provide guests with an introductory and user friendly breakdown to four successful restorative concepts – measuring self-differentiation, exploring relationships, evaluating relationships and finding what is working in your life.


Topics are subject to change. The fee to attend is $25 per resort guest, $65 for non-resort guests, and grants all-day access to the 20,000 square-foot Acqualina Spa by ESPA.

To reserve your spot or for more information, please contact the spa reception desk at 305.918.6844.