Mindfulness Matters at Acqualina Resort

By Angela Caraway-Carlton

Those who desire to engage in more mindfulness, or who are simply curious about how to delve into self-discovery practices, should carve out time for a complimentary Meditation Workshop with Sarah Vie on February 24 and 25, 2024.

During the two-day workshop, the seasoned practitioner will lead guests through three distinct meditations. On Saturday at 9 a.m., head to the north dunes for the Amplify Your Energetic Body Meditation, where Vie will help attendees release old limitations and stories held within the body to make space for new possibilities and growth. At 5 p.m. take part in another meditation class: Your Abundant Plate, A Food and Gratitude Awareness Meditation. Intentionally scheduled before dinner, this meditation is meant to relax the body to aid in better digestion and encourage guests to approach their meal with more gratitude and peace. On Sunday at 9 a.m., during the Life Awakens Morning Meditation, Vie will teach guests how to tap into their imagination and visualize their perfect day. (Meditation classes are open to hotel guests, Acqualina, Mansions, Estates residents.)

The Meditation Workshop is part of the resort’s AcquaFit program, which focuses on different holistic aspects of physical, mental and emotional health. The weekend also offers the opportunity to participate in two morning fitness classes at 10 a.m., such as a Body Sculpting Class and a Mindfulness and Yoga class by Unlimited Fitness. (Fitness classes are open to hotel guests and Acqualina residents only.)