Summer Cocktails & Outdoor Dinners at Acqualina

By Flavia Tomaello

The cascading waves over the sand. The sweet scent of the beach. The theater-worthy sunlight. And you, as the main character, playing your part in this magnificent stage that mixes the most exquisite design of South Florida with the aesthetics of the Italian coast. This summer Acqualina is the perfect culinary retreat. Acqualina, the epitome of luxury, is beautifully situated by the ocean and its four top restaurants provide outdoor gastronomic experiences, delectable menus and the finest cocktails created by our best bartenders.

With its heavenly weather and an unmatched location by the sea, Acqualina is an idyllic oasis to experience the 400-feet, radiant, Atlantic coastline every day. The successful Il Mulino Italian restaurant, famous for its lively and energetic environment and its impeccable service, is launching an exciting cocktail menu.

“The bleeding heart” cocktail features St. George Vodka with a fruity canvas of raspberry and lime. In “The harmony of the symphony,” the Macallans Harmony flirts with the sweetness of chocolate and black cherry. “Losing my mind” is a cocktail you will never forget, with a nice mix of two Bourbons and the bitterness of orage. “Lost in Imny” experiments with the textures of a balanced Tequila Terama and the Italian aperitif Luxardo.

Il Mulino, apart from having exquisite cocktails, has menu offerings inspired by the authentic Italian cuisine of the Abruzzi region. It is open every day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and also for Sunday brunch, in an exquisite environment. One of this season’s highlight is the Sunset Menu available Sunday to Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

But, if we’re talking flavors, Acqualina is the perfect spot to experiment and let yourself be surprised. All of this can be experienced in another of the gastronomic options, Costa Grill – a perfect spot for a beautiful lunch. Only a few feet away from the smooth white sand of the Atlantic you’ll find tables crowned with distinctive red umbrellas, where you can experience a magnificent menu of Mediterranean dishes.

Japanese fusion cuisine can be found at Ke-uH, a restaurant based on delicate ingredients with a tapas style menu. Its chefs make everything themselves, from pizza dough to ponzu sauce, truffle-flavored foods and garlic dressing out of personal recipes to serve with sushi. You can also find dishes such as ribs, sliders and Kurobuta pork belly.

The star of Acqualina is a new location which is part of the Greek restaurant mini-empire, named “Avra” in New York. As it was inaugurated in The Estates at Acqualina, it’s connected to Acqualina Resort by a sky bridge. Avra Miami serves fresh, creative Greek and Mediterranean dishes, accompanied by a calm, outdoor environment and an elegant design. On its plates you can find infinite variations of fresh fish, grilled or baked with salt and raw seafood. The Greek olive oil is bottled exclusively for the restaurant.

Please contact the Concierge for reservations.