Ke-uH Brings Japanese Cuisine to Acqualina

With a diverse and eclectic menu, tapas style and using only the best quality ingredients, Ke-uH brings Japanese fusion cuisine to Acqualina. Guests can enjoy a shared, convivial experience in an elegant and modern setting that includes indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The creative menu features crispy spicy krab Ke-uH salad, tuna tacos, tuna and salmon pizzas, a “Bonzai Truffle” roll with avocado and cucumber wrapped in green soy paper, topped with tuna cubes and truffle oil, the “Spicy Honey Shrimp” that bathes tempura shrimp in jalapeno aioli, honey, almonds and walnuts, and the most popular “Bea” roll with combination of crispy shrimp, fried plantain, avocado and cream cheese wrapped in red chili soy paper and topped with eel sauce and lemon pepper. Ke-uH  is open for dinner and takeout is also available.