What’s Up at Ke-uH?

By Michelle Payer

Consistently rated one of South Florida’s favorite Japanese restaurants, Ke-uH (a word play on the Spanish expression “¿Que hubo?” – meaning, “What’s up?”) has firmly planted its feet in Acqualina’s oceanfront surroundings. Whether playing backgammon, sampling craft cocktails or sipping sake selections at the Ke-uH Bar, relaxing within the elegant restaurant’s muted tones, or enjoying ocean breezes on the expansive oceanfront terrace, Ke-uH brings a sensational, and elevated, Japanese dining experience to every table. Perhaps it’s because Master Sushi Chef Oscar Noborikawa spent 14 years perfecting his art at famed Nobu Miami and uses the freshest Hamachi yellowtail, Uni sea urchin, Scottish salmon, Yellowfin, Bigeye and Bluefin tuna for his creations. The most popular Bea roll is a combination of crispy shrimp, fried plantain, avocado and cream cheese wrapped in red chili soy paper and topped with eel sauce and lemon pepper, while the Bonzai Truffle roll features avocado and cucumber wrapped in green soy paper, topped with tuna cubes and truffle oil. Bluefin Toro is accompanied by shiso, takuan and sesame seeds in the popular Toro Roll. More flavorful combinations fill the expansive menu with hot and cold Izakayas, rolls and a sushi bar manned by Itamae (skilled sushi chefs) that Noborikawa personally trained.

“It’s the balance in every single bite,” says Noborikawa, “For me, it’s the combination of the quality of product, the preparation, the respect of and care for every single ingredient and inherent discipline to create the perfect balance of citrus, spiciness, sauce for expressive sushi,” he says. Chef Noborikawa makes everything from pizza crust to ponzu sauce, yuzu soy, truffle flavors and aioli from personal recipes, so if the flavors seem unique to Ke-uH, it’s because they are.

Of course, if you want to dine at home, Ke-uH chefs will pack its delectable sushi to go.  Click here for more information or phone 305-918-6888 for reservations.