Unforgettable Eco Adventures at AcquaMarine Kids Club

By Michelle Payer

A highlight of family vacations, AcquaMarine Kids Club has long been a mode of self-expression for children ages 5-12 to discover everything under the sea. Young minds are piqued through complimentary and interactive learning camps with names including Squishy Stingers (jellyfish), Ocean Mammals, Feisty Fish, Amazing Alligators, Brilliant Dolphin Buddies and Sea Turtles. Often for the first time, young travelers are introduced to ecology and marine science through interactive eco-adventure camps where, perched along the shore of one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, the AcquaMarine Kids Club has become a favorite summer tradition for visiting families. Thanks to dedicated and enthusiastic camp leaders, the immersive programs introduce children to a world of science and discovery that take them far beyond Acqualina’s white sand beaches. Kids may forget they’re learning about turtle hatching season and weather systems while engrossed in eco-adventures that utilize arts, crafts, games and technology to take active young minds on an ocean-awareness journey.

One day, little campers could paint a sea lion or 3D whale, while another day they could dash off to an Orca prey relay race. While the day may change, every AcquaMarine Kids Club program orchestrates new, unforgettable adventures, as children enter to learn about marine biology and depart as stewards of the oceans and protectors of sea mammals. Suddenly, they discover a newfound interest in American alligators, ocean mammal migration and so much more. Far more enthralling than a typical kids club, AcquaMarine adventures provide exciting gateways to personal and environmental discoveries that will last a lifetime.  For more information and reservations, contact the concierge at 305.918.6860.