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Adventure awaits! With an abundance of hands-on activities, arts, crafts and games, the complimentary AcquaMarine kids program will turn your child’s Miami beach family resort experience into a marine learning camp adventure.

As junior guests enter the 500-square-foot AcquaMarine children’s center, they will find themselves immersed in a fascinating underwater experience that awakens their senses and desire for fun and exploration.

Children who sign up for the AcquaMarine program will become campers and have fun with learning and discovering a new appreciation, love and respect for the sea through educational hands on activities. Campers will utilize computers and iPads to customize their learning experience within each theme. From sizing up whales on the beach to creating an edible coral polyp, campers are sure to have a blast all while learning about the deep blue sea. The program will offer supervised activities for children ages 5-12.

As children are the trendsetters at Acqualina’s Miami family resort, we are pleased to offer a new curriculum to meet their expectations with thematically planned days that bring together outdoor games, technology and creative activities. Each day offers a new theme to inspire an unforgettable Acqualina experience.

  • Available for up to 5 children per session 
  • Thursday- Sunday ( Dates are subject to change based on seasonality)
  • Morning session (9:30am to 12:15pm) 
  • Afternoon session (1:00pm to 4:00pm)
  • Registration for the children’s program will be available through the concierge desk. Enrollment must be made 24 hours in advance. Camp registration and liability wavier forms must be completed as a consent by parent or guardian prior to arriving to the Children’s room. A mobile contact number of a parent or guardian will be required. 

AcquaMarine Themes:

Super Sea Storms
Get ready to learn about powerful hurricanes through imaginative activities like Play the Build a Kit, Create-A-Cane, Human Whirlpool and Faster the Wind game.

Ocean Mammals
Paint a Sea Lion, 3D Whale, How to Draw a Dolphin, Predators Games and Orca Prey Relay Races are some of the exciting games and crafts offered on this fun-filled day.

Amazing Alligators
Join us as we learn about the American alligator, the largest reptile in North America, through a variety of games, from alligator tag and a swamp game to quiz games and puzzles on an iPad.

Feisty Fish
Keep your eyes peeled for a lionfish or piranha on this Feisty Fish day while you make some fun fish crafts.

Squishy Stingers
Don’t get caught by the jellyfish as you play limbo and other fun contests. Bring your creativity for a variety of arts & crafts.

Brilliant Dolphin Buddies
This is a day filled with exciting games of dolphin telephone, orca hunting and orca prey relay races plus dolphin arts and crafts to take home.

Sea Turtles
Experience this unique day all about fascinating sea turtles and learn about how to protect our natural resources and make a difference.

A Streaming Video System is also available inside the children’s center, providing parents (and approved family members) the opportunity to log in from any device with an Internet connection and view their children to share in their day.