Why a Miami Staycation Is the Perfect Escape Right Now

Looking to get in a little much-deserved R&R before the end of the year? South Florida offers no end of great ways to unwind.  Here are just a few of the reasons a year-end Miami staycation could be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to relieving the stress of this trip around the sun.

Beach Time

There’s just something undeniably relaxing about sitting on a beach, sipping a cocktail, and soaking up some sunshine. Miami’s fantastic oceanfront has no shortage of opportunities to dig your toes into the sand and let your stress slip away with the lapping of the waves. So book one of our beautiful beach Acquabeds, or a pool cabana on the Acqualina app (iOS, or Google Play), slather on some sunscreen, and let your tension melt away.  

Perfect Weather Any Time of Year

Any time is a great time to visit Miami, but what passes for “winter” around here may be the best one. Even when snow and cold are driving most other areas of the country indoors to find solace in hot cocoa and warm socks, Miami is still enjoying the same eternal summer it has since time out of mind. So don’t put your swimsuit away just yet. 

Fantastic Foodie Culture

Everyone likes to eat. And there is perhaps no finer food culture anywhere in the country than right here in Miami. Our on-site eateries Costa Grill (plating gourmet Mediterranean in a beach-adjacent setting), the award-winning Il Mulino New York (serving world-class Italian cuisine) and Pastry is Art — new at our Marketplace — all offer our guests delicious dining options. Of course, Miami’s considerable Cuban culture means that you’ll always find outstanding ropa vieja, cucuruchos, and (naturally) Cubano sandwiches nearby. And a recent influx of celebrity chefs to South Florida has also meant that fans of all manner of local, fusion, and international cuisines find their finest expressions here. And do we even need to mention the outstanding seafood? We’re easily one of the best melting pots anywhere.  

A Shopping Paradise

Miami’s status as a nexus of culture means there’s no better place to locate anything your heart desires and have it wrapped up in a tidy bow. Incredible fashion is obviously front and center, but it’s far from the whole story. Toys, souvenirs, beachwear, incredible art — it’s all here, and it’s all amazing. We even offer our guests a world-class shopping experience right on-property at our own Acqualina Boutique — featuring swimwear, designer fashions, and much more. 

Soak Up Some Sun

The science is in: Vitamin D is vital to your health and well-being. And sure, you can swallow supplements to get your daily recommended allowance. But we much prefer to take it in the old-fashioned way — by enjoying that famous Florida sunshine. By most estimates, Miami gets roughly 250 days of sunshine in an average calendar year. So if you’ve been feeling listless, chances are there’s a solar cure. And Miami is the best place to fill that particular prescription. Our trademark red beach loungers, lush waterfront lawns and vast stretch of white-sand beach are all great places to catch some rays. 

Relax and Unwind

The pace of beach life in South Florida is just a bit more laid-back than other places. Simply being here is an amazing stress-reliever. Even so, it’s never a bad idea to go the extra mile in taming that tension. Our Acqualina Spa by ESPA offers guests a full range of relaxation ranging from skin treatments, to detoxifying body wraps, to pampering massages guaranteed to melt away the anxiety. Take a look at our menu of treatments, book your spa day, and get ready for bliss.