Acqualina spa: Beauty, Wellness and Results Within a Luxurious Destination

By Michelle Payer

When Spa Director Catherine Davalle adds a treatment to the award-winning Acqualina Spa’s already impressive menu, it must be something her sophisticated global clientele will value; and for them to value it, it must address a concern and produce discernable results. Davalle’s newest vanguard menu addition is a collaboration with Apprize Beauty to offer aesthetic beauty and IV treatments created by Dr. Matthew Cooper, a renowned sports medicine and enzyme therapy specialist. Board-certified nurse practitioner Briege Marie Azadi customizes each IV therapy to meet clients’ particular needs, be it for sleep, energy cardiac health, to address asthma or allergies, or to create elixirs for hair, skin & nails, immunity, fat loss/muscle growth and NAD, which is like a cell work-out for the body.  Apprize Beauty’s anti-aging offerings include chemical peels, anti-wrinkle treatments (Botox, Dysport), facial fillers, regenerative aesthetics including micro-needling with PRP and stem cells, and stem cell hair restoration.

Earlier this year, Davalle added another innovative treatment to the menu, one rarely seen in a spa setting: the TMJ Release Massage (50-minutes $250 / 80-minutes $330). After experiencing her own jaw aches and headaches and asking Acqualina Spa therapists if clients requested TMJ relief, Davalle created a treatment generally only available in a medical or chiropractic office. It took Davalle and a small, specially trained team of Acqualina Spa therapists months to perfect the sequence: deep tissue techniques combined with myofascial release to relieve tightness in the upper back, then neck, pectoral, facial, quick intra-oral (with gloves if the patient agrees), scalp and jaw muscles. TMJ often – unsurprisingly – is stress-related. “Because of the news cycles, travel delays, increased prices at the supermarket and gas pump and so much more, we are bombarded by stresses and that can contribute to TMJ,” says Davalle.

To begin 2022, Davalle introduced two new beauty treatments with benefits: the Collagen Sculpting Facial (75-minutes, $425) and Ultimate Performance Facial (75-minutes, $445 / 90-minutes $520), using Swissline’s origins in cellular therapy at the heart of biotech innovation. Beyond using skin-identical ingredients including hyaluronic acid, pre- and pro-biotics and niacinamide, Swissline’s facial products are 92 percent pure collagen and 97 percent identical to the skin’s own collagen, making them particularly effective in lifting and firming.  Davalle says both facials deliver visible results after one facial. “Your skin is firmer, glowing and radiant, with better elasticity and tone,” she says.

The combination of beauty and results are just a few of the reasons Acqualina’s Five Star Spa stands apart as one of the world’s best. If you know, you know: step inside and be transformed.