Splash, Play and Learn with AcquaFit

By Jenny Starr Perez

Embrace the joy of active family living with Acqualina Resort’s AcquaFit program, where every day is an opportunity for sporty fun and family bonding. Our family-friendly approach to wellness includes a variety of exciting activities that cater to guests of all ages. Whether it’s riding the waves during our daily 9 am surf clinic or balancing on a stand-up paddleboard, Sunny Isles Beach is your playground for watersports adventures.

On land, engage in some friendly competition with our basketball and soccer facilities. These outdoor sports activities are ideal for families looking to stay active while enjoying quality time together. Kids are also welcome to tune in and center their inner selves through guided meditations to calm active minds in soothing ways. And the fun doesn’t stop there – Acqualina’s Bedside Reading program offers an array of complimentary digital books for all ages, accessible through our easy-to-use app.

Family wellness encompasses more than just physical activities. It’s about creating memorable experiences that inspire a lifelong journey towards health and happiness. Join us at Acqualina, where every family adventure is an opportunity for growth, laughter, and wellness.