Chromecast powered by Google is a casting feature enabling you to stream content from your favorite services to the television in your accommodation.

1. Connect Device to Acqualina Resort Wi-Fi.

2. Using the Television Remote, select “Casting” from the “Main Menu”

3. Scan the QR Code with your phone.

4. Once device is paired to the Television, the following message will be 
displayed on your phone: "Connected! You can now stream to your TV using this device!"

5. The casting icon will appear on the page of any compatible application.

6. Click on the casting icon and select Room Number/Television.

7. Press “Play” to start streaming.

Please note this service is compatible with IOS, ANDROID and Google Chrome.

The following applications with casting are enabled:
TV & Movies, Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, MTV, Google Play, Plex, 
Photo and Videos, Google Photo, Facebook, Chrome, Ted, Fubo TV, Lyve.

Please refer to your in-room iPad under the technology section to learn how to add Wi-Fi calling and to connect to CubieBlue to stream music and charge your devices.