ESPA and Swissline are the featured product lines of Acqualina Spa and are available for purchase at the Spa Boutique for those who want to integrate their spa journey into their daily beauty routine. 

Pioneering the science of natural beauty with a potent collection of radically effective formulations, ESPA line for face and body features pure extracts and ethically sourced, natural active ingredients that work in synergy with your skin to achieve immediate, visible and long-lasting results. Create your own haven at home thanks to a wide collection of ESPA candles and diffusers which will remind you of your relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience.

Founded in Switzerland 30 years ago, Swissline is one of the very few brands who can trace its origins into cellular therapy and remains today at the heart of biotech innovation and development. If you are serious about tackling the visible signs of aging, collagen has to be an essential part of your skincare game. It is a serious focus for Swissline as the skin’s resilience, density and uniformity of surface all depend on it. For this reason, collagen is at the heart of the featured Swissline Cell Shock collection well-aging formulations.