Filtered Water

Premium filtered water is available in designated locations throughout the resort (Pool & Beach, Costa Grill, Il Mulino, Ke-uH, Pool and Beach Club Restrooms Area in front of AcquaMarine as well as the North Pool Restrooms Area).

Public Areas

  • We have recycling bins in different locations, including the fitness center.
  • We offer agave filtered, USDA certified, FDA approved and certified to degrade straws while still offering an elevated guest experience.
  • We have sugarcane takeout containers made from renewable and reclaimed resources, agave cutlery, environmentally friendly take away bags, and biodegradable bamboo amenity cups.
  • KOPU water is available in an eco-friendly bottle at Ke-uH, Costa Grill, and AQ Gelato & Coffee Bar. It is sourced from an artesian spring thousands of feet below the dormant volcanoes of Oregon’s Cascade Range.
  • Recyclable earbuds are available at the Fitness Center.
  • All public area restrooms offer reusable cloth washcloths to dry hands.

Guest Rooms

  • iPads are located in every guestroom where guests can find digital newspapers, magazines and ebooks.
  • Glass water bottles are available in all guestrooms.
  • For dry cleaning and laundry, cotton bags are available and reusable.
  • We offer KOPU water in an eco-friendly bottle in the private bar. It is sourced from an artesian spring thousands of feet below the dormant volcanoes of Oregon’s Cascade Range.
  • When staying at Acqualina, you have an opportunity to participate in the resort’s Support Sustainability efforts and choose to forego daily linen changes and towel exchanges.

Electric Vehicles

  • We offer a variety of EV car rental options.
  • We have two charging stations at the resort.

A Natural Wonder

The South Florida region participates in one of the most beautiful seasonal cycles, the annual birth of wild sea turtles. Tiny, precious, and endlessly adorable, the turtle hatchlings emerge from the sand between April and October yearly as they gently make their way into the awaiting Atlantic. And Acqualina forms an ideal location to experience this magic firsthand. Some 600 unique turtle nesting sites can be found in the greater Miami metropolitan area – including a choice handful at Acqualina. Heavily protected by both local laws, the nests can contain hundreds of eggs from which the hatchlings emerge – most of which are native loggerhead turtles. 

For guests eager to learn even more about these annual turtle rights-of-passage, please visit, The Sea Turtle Conservation of the City of Sunny Isles.